Wednesday, November 30, 2016

World War I: “Trench Blues” — An African American Song of the War

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(The following is a guest post written by Stephanie Hall of the American Folklife Center.) In 1934, folklorist John Lomax and his 19-year-old son Alan went to southern Louisiana to collect folksongs and music in many styles from several ethnic groups in English and French. Among the songs in the resulting collection is "Trench Blues," a […]


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

No, Everything Is Not Going to Be Alright


News & Views | 11.15.16


  No, Everything Is Not Going to Be Alright
by Ted Rall
No. It really isn’t.


  Ugly and Unprepared, 'Knife Fight' Breaks Out in Trump Transition
by Lauren McCauley
"Stay away. Will be ugly," one former Bush official advised after an exchange with Trump's transition team
  Donning Trump's Red Hats, Republicans—Including Former Critics—Fall in Line
by Nadia Prupis
"Welcome to the dawn of a new unified Republican government," said House Speaker Paul Ryan with a smile.
  President-Elect Trump's Pro-Oil Stance Looms Over #NoDAPL Day of Action
by Deirdre Fulton
'President-elect Trump has no regard for the environment and cares even less about those of us trying to protect it.'
  Trump's Ultra-Right Top Advisor Steve Bannon is Thinking Globally, Not Locally
by Lauren McCauley
"Bannon has goals," said former employee, beginning with the formation of a "global ultra-right coalition."
  'Cruel, Vindictive, Authoritarian': Rudy Giuliani Tops List of Trump's Candidates for Secretary of State
by Nadia Prupis
And if not Giuliani, the even more frightening John Bolton is said to also be under consideration.
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  Local Gun Restrictions Could Be 'Eviscerated' Under Trump
by Nadia Prupis
Gun control advocates say the right-wing Congress is expected to pass a national right-to-carry law.
     more news...


  America Must Allow Its Heart to Break Before It Can Heal
by Sister Simone Campbell
We must acknowledge within our community the frustrations we all share, and then move forward together.
  The Dangerous Fantasy Behind Trump’s Normalization
by Zoe Williams
Convincing ourselves the president-elect doesn’t mean everything he says is a fantasy that stops us seeing Trumpism for the barbarism it is.
  Steve Bannon Is a Real Danger in the White House
by Frida Ghitis
"We are entering a new era. Apathy is the enemy."
  We Can No Longer Hope to Win This By Simply Voting or Speaking Out
by Emily Johnston
'We do this work out of love, and we know that nothing has ever been more necessary.'
  The Tragedy of the Two Americas
by Ted Morgan
"Resistance is imperative. Yet we also must think strategically."
  The Normalizer-in-Chief
by Thomas Harrington
On a day when Trump was appointing the white supremacist Steve Bannon as one of his two top aides, there was the Normalizer giving the president–elect the establishment seal of approval.
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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Cool Hall of Fame #292

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The Cool Hall of Fame #292

Posted: 11 Nov 2016 07:58 PM PST

Leonard Cohen

The Ark you're building
in your yard
Will you let me on
Will you let me off
Don't you think
we all should study Etiquette
before we study Magic

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Not the Enemy

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NATION DAILY: November 1, 2016

To My Friends on the Left: Hillary Clinton Is Not the Enemy

Yes, she has become successful by playing “the game.” But does that make her different from any of us?

Jeffrey C. Isaacs
The Dangerous Cowardice of James Comey

He caved to internal FBI critics and Republicans in Congress who are angry that he wasn’t tougher on Clinton. Now he’s paying for it.


Joan Walsh

Donald Trump and the Alt-Right Threaten the Values I Fought for in the Navy

As a Muslim-American veteran, I’ve seen the fight against hatred move closer to home.


Nate Terani

This Is Not the First Time the FBI Has Interfered with a Presidential Election

Throughout his career, J. Edgar Hoover used the Bureau to meddle in presidential politics and secure his own power.


Jeff Kisseloff

The War in Syria Cannot Be Won. But It Can Be Ended.

The left is profoundly divided over the conflict, but we should at least agree on a set of principles to end it.


Phyllis Bennis

To Adapt to Climate Change, Retreat Is Necessary

Four years after Hurricane Sandy, many coastal communities recognize that rising oceans mean relocating their residents. But there is no consensus on how to do so.


Alexandra Tempus

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