Monday, September 26, 2016

Moderators Probably Shouldn’t Let Candidates Tell Bald-Faced Lies

The Nation

NATION DAILY: September 26, 2016

Actually, Moderators Probably Shouldn't Let Candidates Tell Bald-Faced Lies

The Commission on Presidential Debates is sending exactly the wrong signal regarding the role of the moderator in tonight's Clinton-Trump debate.

John Nichols
19 Questions From 'Nation' Writers That Trump and Clinton Should Answer at the Presidential Debate

We've got questions on foreign policy, inequality, nuclear weapons, crime and policing, and more.


The Nation

Welfare Reform Failed—and if Elected, Hillary Clinton Is Obligated to Fix It

The 1996 bill has sunk Americans deeper into poverty.


Bryce Covert

The Unbearable Bigotry of Mike Ditka

Mike Ditka is parroting Donald Trump's racist dogwhistle about Colin Kaepernick.


Dave Zirin

Religion Versus Unions

Some professors at the Jesuit Seattle University have been barred from organizing because their jobs are too religious in nature.


Michelle Chen

Ask the Candidates If They Are Ready to Legalize Marijuana—And, If Not, Why?

An Arizona referendum, on the ballot the same day as the presidential election, provides a perfect opening for debate questions that need to be asked.


John Nichols

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