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"Don't Shoot Him": Wife's Cellphone Video Released

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Subject:News & Views | "Don't Shoot Him": Wife's Cellphone Video Released

News & Views | 09.23.16


  "Don't Shoot Him": Wife's Cellphone Video of Fatal Police Shooting Released
by Nika Knight
"He doesn't have a gun, he has a [traumatic brain injury], he's not going to do anything to you guys, he just took his medicine," Keith Scott's wife tells police moments before shooting


  Earth Could Reach Critical Climate Threshold in Decade, Scientists Warn
by Nadia Prupis
Meanwhile, new research discovers soil may not be trapping carbon as fast as we hoped
  Trump to Fossil Fuel Execs: 'You Will Like Me So Much'
by Andrea Germanos
Republican presidential candidate's comments at industry conference show he "would be a belligerent catalyst of catastrophic climate change if he were elected president."
  Court Says Ohio's Voter Purge is Illegal, But Will Rolls Be Restored in Time for Election?
by Lauren McCauley
Ohio's policy is said to be the most aggressive in the nation with more than 2 million registered voters removed since 2011
  Safe with 'Oligarchs and Imperialists' in US, Brazil's New President Admits Coup Plot
by Andrea Germanos
Ousted President Dilma Rousseff wouldn't enact austerity roadmap, so "a process was established which culminated with me being installed as president of the republic," Temer says
  'Travesty': NestlĂ© Outbids Another Town for Control of Local Water Supply
by Nadia Prupis
Council of Canadians launches new Boycott Nestlé campaign in response to company's continued water grabs
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  Trump's Agenda: A Recipe for Civil Unrest
by Gabrielle Gurley
The Donald's recent remarks highlight the candidate's bigotry, but also signal a grim future for African Americans should he be elected.
  Canada's Founding Myths Hold Us Back from Addressing Climate Change
by Naomi Klein
Dependence on commodities continues to shape Canada's body politic–and for our new government, it will continue to confound attempts to heal relations with First Nations.
  How the Pentagon Sank the US-Russia Deal in Syria – and the Ceasefire
by Gareth Porter
Was the first ever US strike against Syrian government forces an intentional hit by the Pentagon to block military cooperation with Russia?
  Talking with Strangers: A Journey to the Heart of the Right
by Chuck Collins
A new book encourages us to scale the "empathy wall" to understand a segment of Trump supporters
  The Unbearable Whiteness of Being (Donald Trump)
by Christian Christensen
For Trump and his supporters, those who protest against systematic racism and police violence are nothing more than divisive elements who hate their country.
  Faced With Massive Opposition to Dakota Access, Banks Could Still Pull Out
by Bill McKibben
A key pipeline loan is still pending, and it's becoming clear that the Standing Rock Sioux are in a two-front war against Big Oil and Big Banks.
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