Monday, August 8, 2016

CATS AT WAM (free in August)

Meow: A Cat-Inspired Exhibition

Through September 4, 2016

WAM takes the theme of cats by the tail with this one-of-a-kind, multi-faceted project. Meow includes an exhibition exploring the feline as an iconic element of art, a self-guided "cat walk" through the Museum, an interactive installation featuring live cats, a community art show, a naughty kitty take-over of Helmutt's House, a dog show curated by Helmutt, and special art classes. From serious art to mischievous fun, Meow promises to tickle the whiskers of museum and cat-lovers alike!

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Cats-in-Residence Program

Through September 4, 2016
Studio 206, Higgins Education Wing
Interact with live cats in this unorthodox human/cat contemporary art installation, previously presented in Los Angeles, Hartford, and New York City. Guest curated by artist and critic Rhonda Lieberman, this exhibition is presented in partnership with the Worcester Animal Rescue League (WARL). Cats in the show will be available for adoption.
Watch a 24-hour live stream of the cats on our MEOW Cam!
Click here to prepare for your visit to the Cats-in-Residence Program.
Please note that the Cats-in-Residence Program is located in the Higgins Education Wing, away from the Museum galleries. In order to minimize air-born allergens for our guests, the space will be cleaned daily and air flow from the room will be filtered. Please contact our Guest Services department at 508-793-4362 with any questions.
The Meow Opening Party
Thank you for making this a great event!
Rob Reger's Emily the Strange and her Four Bad Kitties
Through September 25, 2016
Helmutt's House
View original paintings of beloved character Emily the Strange by artist/illustrator Rob Reger. 
Get to know her four cats: Mystery, Miles, NeeChee, and Sabbath. 
Read an interview with artist/illustrator Rob Reger
The Captivating Cat: Felines and the Artist's Gaze
Through September 4, 2016
PDP Gallery 
Explore the feline as an iconic artistic muse in this exhibition of prints, drawings, paintings, and sculptures of cats from WAM's permanent collection. Guest curated by Ruthie Dibble, PhD candidate at Yale University, the exhibition features over 70 works, organized around ten themes, which put the spotlight on cats as art from ancient Egypt to the modern day. Included are works by Will Barnet, Albrecht Durer, Orovida Camille Pissarro, and Theophile Alexander Steinlein
Cat Walk
Through September 4, 2016 
Throughout the Museum
Take a self-guided Cat Walk through WAM's galleries to discover other amazing cats in art. Highlights include tigers in Worcester Hunt Mosaic, the painting, Woman with a Cat by Gustave Courbet, and an Egyptian cat sculpture.
Community Cat Show 
Through July 24, 2016
Higgins Education Wing
A community exhibition of cat-artwork submitted by local artists, collectors, and cat-enthusiasts. Held in partnership with Worcester Animal Rescue League (WARL). 
Read a WAM Update about the Community Cats.
Helmutt's Dog Show 
Through September 4, 2016
Take a break from WAM's cat-mania for a canine art fix, specially curated by Helmutt the dog, including one of his favorite works of art, Head of a Dog by Abbott Handerson Thayer.
Cat Craft Classes
Spring and Summer 2016
Higgins Education Wing
Get paws-on with a variety of cat-related studio art classes and weekend workshops. Join us for Pet Portraits, Create Your Own Cat Toy, Curator Talks, and much more!
View classes for adults and youth

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