Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sanders Campaign Can Still Win a Future to Believe In


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NATION DAILY: June 2, 2016

The Sanders Campaign Can Still Win a Future to Believe In

Its ideas and energy can lead to an era of progressive governance—if it keeps its eyes on the prize.

the Editors
Should We Stay or Should We Go? A Debate Over Brexit

Four Brits let us know.


Helen Lewis, Jon Cruddas, Harris Beider, Tariq Ali

How False Equivalence Is Distorting the 2016 Election Coverage

The media's need to cover "both sides" of every story makes no sense when one side has little regard for the truth.


Eric Alterman

What Black Americans Say About 'Black-on-Black' Gun Violence

We understand that police violence and gun crimes are two parts of the same systemic problem. If only news media saw that, too.


Spencer Overton

Employer Wellness Programs Are a Great Idea—Right?

When "rewards" for good health punish the vulnerable, prevention may be worse than disease.


Michelle Chen

The National-Security Exposé So Secret Even Edward Snowden Didn't Know About It

A former senior Pentagon official shows how broken our whistleblower system really is.


Mark Hertsgaard

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