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NEW on Shudder: THE INVITATION's Karyn Kusama picks her top films

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Guest Curator - Karyn Kusama

Director Karyn Kusama made a celebrated debut in 2000 with gritty drama GIRLFIGHT, but has since turned to a particular hold on horror. From the gorgeous, sly take on toxic teen friendship in 2009 horror/comedy JENNIFER'S BODY to her latest–the affecting and incredibly tense THE INVITATION–Kusama hones in on the authentic, raw emotion of her characters while maintaining tight, stylish control of their fears... and our anxieties.

In celebration of THE INVITATION, Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman sat down with the perceptive and film-loving Kusama to discuss her favorite films on Shudder. Watch our interview with Karyn Kusama at the link below, and scroll down further to see her selections.

View the interview here

Karyn's Shudder Selects


Ganja and Hess

"This early '70's film about black identity, class politics, and vampirism plays across my memory like a beautiful hallucination. Bill Gunn made a stylish, kaleidoscopically ambitious film about lovers with a thirst for blood. It's hard to find -- so watch it pronto!"

Hallucinations here


"I remember seeing this film when it first came out in the mid-'90's, and being struck by its twin narrative threads: the story of a man possibly entangled in a romance with a vampire, and, more profoundly, the story of a man spiraling into catastrophic alcoholism. The film is an incredible thematic companion piece to Abel Ferrara's "The Addiction", and is a grimy, vivid portrayal of a life getting very out of control."

Lose control

Let the Right One In

"One of the world's rare perfect films, centering on a brilliantly realized main character, whose pre-teen loneliness and alienation help fuel a lifelong romance that's doomed from the start. Utterly sublime filmmaking."

See a perfect film

Nosferatu, the Vampyre

"Four words: Herzog. Kinski. Adjani. Ganz. I don't really think I need to say any more, but if you like vampire films (and judging from this list, I obviously do), this beautiful film is a must. In more traditional treatments of this story, The Count is a dashing seducer. I love that Herzog and Kinski allowed this Count to be monstrous from the start -- there's no Frank Langella suaveness in sight. AND THOSE RATS!"

The rats!

The House of the Devil

"I love the simplicity and purity of this movie. Ti West's film stuck with me in an unexpected way, probably because I spent so much time hanging out with the main character waiting for something momentous to happen. Once it does, you can't really "erase the icky" from your mind."

Enter the house

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