Friday, April 22, 2016

Four new films, ONLY ON SHUDDER

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Four new films, only on Shudder

Now, only on Shudder, four new films for fright-filled weekend. From lauded indie horror outfit Glass Eye Pix (Habit, The House of the Devil) comes two tales of terror: a classical creature feature in HYPOTHERMIA, and one all-too-human revenge story in BITTER FEAST. Also streaming is ATROCIOUS, the eerie found footage number from Spain about horrifying occurrences plaguing a pair of siblings. Finally, get rad with David DeCoteau's 1988 fave, SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA, starring beloved scream queens Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens and one deviant imp.

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In April of 2010, Spanish police reported the discovery of 37 hours of recorded evidence that shed some new light on a gruesome murder investigation. The found footage documents a family of five spending their holidays at their summer house where the brother and sister pass the time investigating a terrifying local urban legend. As their investigation intensifies, strange occurrences in and around the house escalate rapidly before culminating in unspeakable atrocities.

Get investigating

Bitter Feast


A celebrity chef turns the tables on his harshest critic. Peter Grey (James Le Gros), an overly zealous television chef, kidnaps J.T. Franks (Joshua Leonard), an influential and notoriously snarky food blogger after a particularly nasty review deals the final blow to Grey's already plummeting career. Grey keeps Franks chained up in a basement, presenting him with a series of deceptively simple cooking challenges - from preparing a perfect egg over easy, to grilling a steak precisely medium rare and accepting nothing less than total perfection. BITTER FEAST is a tense thrill-ride served up with wicked wit and culinary flair.

Watch on a full stomach

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama


Out to steal a trophy from a local bowling alley, two sorority babes and three nerds accidentally unleash a sadistic little spirit with a diabolical sense of humor. The Imp, evil by nature, grants wishes with deadly results!

Never trust an imp



Ray Pelletier (Michael Rooker, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Walking Dead) is looking forward to a quiet weekend of ice fishing with his family. Unfortunately for him, the obnoxious big city father-son duo of Steve and Stevie Cote has picked the same weekend to spend at the remote frozen lake. But the two families' petty squabbles are soon eclipsed by a much greater enemy: something has awoken under the ice and its prey is human.

Stay away from the ice

This week on Shudder.TV Premium: A salute to Glass Eye Pix

With the addition of BITTER FEAST and HYPOTHERMIA, Shudder.TV Premium celebrates New York indie horror legends Glass Eye Pix.

Founded in 1993 by Larry Fessenden, Glass Eye launched Fessenden as well as Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Jim Mickle and Graham Reznick into the horror canon. Glass Eye is defined by new perspectives, fierce independence and intelligence. A sampling of their work includes 90s vampire essential HABIT, New England creeper THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, devious period piece I SELL THE DEAD and total headtrip I CAN SEE YOU, all of which and more stream this week on Shudder.TV Premium.

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