Friday, August 7, 2015

We're making progress (despite another short-term fix).

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Subject: We're making progress (despite another short-term fix).
From: Voices for Public Transit


Dear Terry,

Last week was an eventful week in Washington for transportation.

Congress did not manage to pass a long-term transportation bill before the July 31 deadline, but they did pass a short-term, three-month funding extension to keep the Highway Trust Fund and Mass Transit Account going.

More exciting, however, the U.S. Senate passed a three-year transportation bill. It’s not perfect, but it would provide increased funding to help improve and expand public transportation—and it is a good first step to help encourage the U.S. House of Representatives to pass a six-year comprehensive, long-term transportation bill before the next deadline, October 29, 2015.

This is what we’re working for—so, thank you for helping us get this far!

For more details, please read our latest blog post, “Congress Passes 3-Month Transportation Funding Extension.”

House leaders have said transportation will be one of their primary focuses when Congress returns to work in September. But even though Congress is taking a break in August, Voices for Public Transit will be keeping the pressure on. While members of Congress are back home during August Recess, we have a great opportunity to let them know that public transportation is important to the people who vote for them.

We’ll be back in the next few days with new actions you can take to keep the pressure on Congress. In the meantime, thanks for helping us achieve a major milestone in July!


Mantill Williams
Voices for Public Transit Community Coordinator

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