Friday, July 3, 2015

All Done But the Deed - season finale!

Live from St. Paul, MN with JD McPherson, Joe Newberry, Jearlyn & Jevetta Steele, Butch Thompson, Tjärnblom, and the Macalester College Pipe Band
A Prairie Home Companion

This Week's Show

JD McPherson
JD McPherson

July 4, 2015
All Done But the Deed

This week: it's back to where it all began, Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, for our Second Annual 40th Anniversary Live Broadcast and 4th of July Season Finale. There's great American music with JD McPherson, rock-solid rambles from Joe Newberry, and roof-raising soul from Jearlyn and Jevetta Steele. Butch Thompson adds his quintessential piano and clarinet, Tjärnblom rounds things out with a celebration of Minnesota's Scandinavian heritage, and the Macalester College Pipe Band brings some Celtic spirit. Also: a crush of characters from Tim Russell and Sue Scott, and sound effects man Fred Newman sparks fireworks and rockets; music director Rich Dworsky and the band (Bernie Dresel, Larry Kohut, Richard Kriehn, and Chris Siebold) serve up sweltering slices; and the News from Lake Wobegon, with the tried and true traditions of Independence Day in the tiny town. Light the sparklers, spin the pinwheels, and we'll see you on the airwaves for one more live broadcast before we load up and hit the road for our exciting summer tour.

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Last Week's Show
June 27, 2015
Live from Lenox, MA with Sarah Jarosz, Peter Rowan, Sara Bareilles and Nadia DiGiallonardo, and Rachel Manke

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July 4: Live from St. Paul, MN
With JD McPherson, Joe Newberry, Jearlyn and Jevetta Steele, Butch Thompson, Tjärnblom, Macalester College Pipe Band
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The America the Beautiful Tour: July - August, 2015
With Sarah Jarosz, Fred Newman, and Rich Dworsky and The Radio Rhubarb Band
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Sunday, July 26: Bayfield, WI
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Monday, July 27: Appleton, WI
With Sarah Jarosz
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Tuesday, July 28: Interlochen, MI
With Sarah Jarosz
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Wednesday, July 29: Grand Rapids, MI
With Sarah Jarosz
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A Prairie Home Companion's 40th Anniversary
Head over to our YouTube channel to check out a playlist featuring guest interviews and clips from our 40th anniversary celebration in July!

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The Joke Machine
This Week's Joke

Why did the cannibal join the police force? He wanted to grill suspects.

This joke was submitted by Carl Schulz from Johnstown, PA. Thanks!
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