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Go Digital and Get Your Old Physical Media Onto Your PC

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The light bulb used in IMAX movie projectors is 15,000 watts and so bright that if it were placed on the Moon, you could see it at night from your backyard with the naked eye.

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An ADC (short for Analog-to-Digital Converter or Analog/Digital Converter) is a device that converts analog signals into digital ones so that computers and similar devices can "read" them.

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Word includes a very powerful search feature that allows you to find information based on almost every kind of condition. There are special wildcard characters that allow you to search for information based on specific patterns and character sequences.

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How to Go Digital and Get Your Old Physical Media Onto Your PC

Why manage a collection of audio CDs, DVDs, some videos on VHS tapes, photos, and other documents in physical form? Go digital to get all your stuff on your PC — and on your other devices.

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How do You Make a Single File 'Appear' to be in Multiple Folders at the Same Time?

If you have a high number of folders set up for your work and need to use the same script file in all of them during the work day, then what is the easiest way to accomplish that beyond a lot of copying and pasting? Today's SuperUser Q&A post has some helpful answers and advice for a frustrated reader.

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How to Mirror your Mac or iOS Screen to Your Apple TV

We know Google's Chromecast is a great (and inexpensive) device for mirroring your desktop or Android devices to your TV, but if you have an Apple TV, you can basically do the same thing with your Mac or iOS device.

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How to Get Rid of the Paste Options Box in Outlook 2013

We previously showed you how to get rid of the "Paste Options" box that displays when you paste text in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You can do the same in Outlook, but the procedure is slightly different.

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How to Enable Intel VT-x in Your Computer's BIOS or UEFI Firmware

Modern CPUs include hardware virtualization features that help accelerate VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V, and other virtual machine applications. But Intel VT-x isn't always enabled by default.

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