Monday, March 9, 2015

Gains Achieved by Those Who Bled in Selma Are Under Attack

Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2015 17:33:46 -0500
Subject: Persistent Wrongs & Righteous Fights | Your Week In Review

  Fifty Years On, Gains Achieved by Those Who Bled in Selma Are Under Attack
by Jon Queally
'The thing about racism is that it always morphs to undermine progress.'
  US Ground Troops in Syria? Top Military Official Doesn't Rule It Out
by Andrea Germanos
Gen. Martin Dempsey's comments highlight intentionally vague language included in Obama's proposed AUMF.
  Netanyahu Speaks, Money Talks
by Bill Moyers & Michael Winship
'Everything you need to know about Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress Tuesday was the presence of one man in the visitor's gallery. We are hostage to his fortune.'
  In Tikrit Offensive, Confusion and Tragedy of US Policy Laid Bare
by Sarah Lazare
Latest military operation by the Iraqi Army and allied forces underscores the 'horror' of the situation inside Iraq
  On Climate, Humanity Must Rise Up Against 'Collective Shrug of Fatalism'
by Jon Queally
'All we have to do is not react as if this is a full-blown crisis. All we have to do is keep on denying how frightened we actually are.'
  'Cynical' Obamacare Challenge Exposes Persistent Flaw of For-Profit System
by Deirdre Fulton
While lawsuit before US Supreme Court has been called momentous for its potential to impact millions, it has also been criticized as cynical, unfounded, and the brainchild of moneyed interests.
  In Ferguson, DOJ Probe Only Confirms What Community Has Long Known
by Sarah Lazare
'This is not news for those of us who have felt a baton in our back or a boot on our neck — moreover, the incidents Ferguson Police choose not to document are perhaps the most frightening and hardest for us to forget.'
  In Blow to Unions, Anti-Worker Bill Heads to Wisconsin Governor's Desk
by Deirde Fulton
Along party lines, state Assembly passes 'a destructive bill that undoes 75 years of labor peace.'
  Daniel Ellsberg: Petraeus Case Shows Hypocrisy of Whistleblower Crackdown
by Nadia Prupis
If Petraeus did not commit a felony, neither did Snowden, Manning, Sterling, or Kiriakou, says leaker of Pentagon Papers.
  Why McDonald's Announcement on Chicken Is Important for Everyone's Health
by Andrea Germanos
Fast food chain announces phase-out of antibiotic-treated chicken.

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