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A Prairie Home Companion

Live from Saint Paul, MN with guest host Chris Thile, Jerry Douglas and the Earls of Leicester, Rhiannon Giddens, and Elna Baker
A Prairie Home Companion

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Chris Thile
Chris Thile

February 14, 2015
Friends Shall Gather 'Round

This week: Chris Thile returns to the Fitzgerald Theater for his second turn as our guest host, with special guests, bluegrass all-stars Jerry Douglas and The Earls of Leicester; singer, violinist, and banjoist Rhiannon Giddens; and storyteller Elna Baker. Plus, a little support from our Royal Academy of Radio Actors, Sue Scott, Tim Russell, and Fred Newman, and music director and pianist Richard Dworsky. Tune in on your local public radio station or watch live (5pm – 7pm CT) at!

"Prairie Home has been a pretty dependable show and now and then it likes to do something entirely different. Chris Thile is a gifted artist and a great musical enthusiast of far-ranging interests.  He is a great choice to host two shows in February, along with music director Rich Dworsky and the Acting Company, and I look forward to sitting at home and listening to them."
– Garrison Keillor
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Last Week's Show
February 7, 2015
Live from Saint Paul, MN with guest host Chris Thile, Punch Brothers, Billy Collins, Sarah Jarosz, and Tristan Jimerson

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February 14
with special guest host Chris Thile:

Live from Saint Paul, MN
Special guests: Jerry Douglas presents The Earls of Leicester
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February 21: Live from Saint Paul, MN
With Aoife O'Donovan
Tickets Available

February 28: Live from Minneapolis, MN
With Brandi Carlile
Tickets Available

March 7: Live from Minneapolis, MN
With GQ
Tickets Available

April 11: Live from New York, NY
With Aoife O'Donovan
Tickets Available

April 18: Live from New York, NY
With Anonymous 4 with Bruce Molsky
Tickets Available

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A Prairie Home Companion's 40th Anniversary
Head over to our YouTube channel to check out a playlist featuring guest interviews and clips from our 40th anniversary celebration in July!

Plus, watch highlights from the festival:
40th Anniversary weekend
40 Years, 40 Songs - July 4, 2014
40th Anniversary broadcast - July 5, 2014

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The Joke Machine
This Week's Joke

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food... but no atmosphere.

This joke was submitted by William Webb from Memphis, TN. Thanks!
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Post to the Host
Romance with a Midwesterner
February 11, 2014

Dear Mr. Keillor: I have recently met a very nice engineer from the Midwest. We discussed cows on our first date. I have tested him to see if he would make me eat lutefisk. He says he hates it. He is Methodist and he sings loudly in church. I am a Unitarian from Cambridge, MA and I suspect that he would not approve of felt banners, so beloved of Unitarians. He bought me a heart-shaped box of Valentine chocolates and talked of the prairie. Do you think there is hope for us? He is very nice but I am worried that there will not be stores to buy whole grains, or peace dances in the Midwest. Please tell me if you think there is hope for us.
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The View from Mrs. Sundberg's Window
It Takes Time to Heal
February 6, 2015

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Not at all bad, with John Fullbright to boot, singin' his heart out and makin' mine ache. He played this song titled, "When You're Here": And in my heart, stands a scarecrow, and if he's hurt he doesn't say so, and he chases everything he loves away. But at night when it's colder there's a bluebird on his shoulder, and he whispers that he'll hold her one bright day...
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Russ Ringsak
Loud Hair, Quiet Mountains, Mad Goose
January 29, 2015

Our show runs out to San Francisco again this year; trucker sees this as a lucky thaw in an unnecessarily cruel season here. Our co-driver will be Tom Gohman again and to make ready I drive Hank over to a truck stop across the river in Wisconsin to top the tanks off...
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