Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dogs Who Are NOT Ready For the Polar Vortex

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Your Offbeat Top Stories for 11/22/2014
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22 Dogs Who Are NOT Ready For the Polar Vortex

By Anna Marquardt
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Watch an Ostrich Chase Around a Baby Giraffe. Are They Playing Tag?

By Anna Marquardt
"What ARE you??" - both of these animals
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This Baby is SO Easily Startled, But Goes Right Back to Smiling!

By Anna Marquardt
MOM! You scared me.
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This Buffalo Man Was Trapped in His House By the Snow. So He Did This Amazing Song.

By Anna Marquardt
I bet a LOT of people feel this way, sir.
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Every Outfit Worn By Barbarella, Ranked

By Anna Marquardt
She's from the 41st century and she is GROOVY.
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19 Cartoon Character Pinterest Fails

By Anna Marquardt
These crafters should have left these characters to the pros.
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This Ferret REALLY Thinks It Can Make This Big Jump. Does It Succeed?

By Anna Marquardt
"I think I can, I think I can."
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