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Recommended Watchlist: Creature Features

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March 15, 2014


Creature Features

Creature Features

You get the archetypes. There’s man vs. man, man vs. society, man vs. nature…and man vs. horrific, unnatural Sci-Fi-horror beasts. 

It is an undisputed fact that since the birth of giant city-eating lizards and blood-thirsty mega-bats, humanity has been running scared. 

Now you can delight in the thrills and chills of these under-the-radar monster movies — and their over-the-top camp — with this week’s Recommended Watchlist. 


AnacondasWatch Now

A group of scientists set out to find a magical flower deep inside the jungle, but a giant snake isn't making it easy
Rated PG-13

  BatsWatch Now

An unsettling, over-the-top animals attack flick that delivers the required mutated flying rodent thrills.
Rated PG-13

  Boa Vs. PythonWatch Now

It's snake against snake in an epic battle of man vs. nature vs. machine while America's future lies in the balance.
Rated R

  Red WaterWatch Now

Can you guess what is turning the water around a Gulf Coast oil rig red? Here's a hint, it swims and has big teeth.
Rated R

Vampire BatsWatch Now

Blood-sucking mutant bats, an evil polluting corporation and an ass-kicking Lucy Lawless. What more could you want?
Not Rated

  Godzilla Vs. MothraWatch Now

One of the best Godzillas in the Heisei series.
Not Rated

  Godzilla Final WarsWatch Now

The last Godzilla film from Toho, until Godzilla comes out of retirement.
Rated PG-13

  Godzilla Tokyo SOSWatch Now

Less story and more action makes this one of the most explosive Godzilla flicks Toho ever churned out.
Rated PG

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