Monday, February 10, 2014

Fwd: Taboo Topics In 'Jews Of New York' Photos, Catholic States, Token Hijabi

Sunday 9 February 2014
"Imperfection is beauty."

This statement, expressed by Yeshiva University student Dasha Sominski, is an underlying theme in Steve Rosenfield's photography series "What I Be," a version of which was recently rejected by Yeshiva University.
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The Problem With Being First: The Dangers Behind Being the Token Hijabi
When the day comes that we have a Muslim American woman make it, it'll be the day that her identity is just another part of her, not the reason she was catapulted to fame. Otherwise, we really have not made it. We just will think we have, and that's what needs to be changed. Continue reading...
Truth Does Not Contradict Truth: A Hindu View of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate
Religion must happily, and without fear, enter the wider stream of discourse about the nature of reality, confident that truth does not contradict truth. Continue reading...
In the Middle of a Ham on Nye Sandwich
Since 1925 the Creationists have been scrambling to recover from Clarence Darrow's complete obliteration of the credibility of Genesis as a scientific basis for our origins. Continue reading...
Saudis Debate Societal Merits of Soccer
Saudi parents have joined the country's clergy in debating the societal merits of soccer in a deeply religious and fundamentalist country. Continue reading...
Charity's Pleasure of Participation
We're helping when we send our gently used things to folks in need, right? Not always, because the greater the distance between the crisis and us, the less effective these tangible gifts become. Continue reading...

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