Friday, August 30, 2013

Fwd: Wondering what’s the #1 channel on YouTube? Meet PewDiePie.

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Have you seen the #1 channel on YouTube?

Have you seen the #1 channel on YouTube?

The Swedish gamer PewDiePie has unseated Smosh as the most-subscribed channel on YouTube: 12 million and counting. Isn't it time to find out why?


PewDiePie    1,416 videos


Celebrate National Bow Tie Day

Invented in the 1600s, favored by magicians and pundits, it's now a hipster must-have. Learn how to bring the humble bow tie into your life.

Tie a Bow Tie with Bill Nye and Chris Hardwick

Tie a Bow Tie with Bill Nye and Chris Hardwick


How to make a Duct Tape Bow tie

How to make a Duct Tape Bow tie


Schoolgirl Bow Tie Tutorial

Schoolgirl Bow Tie Tutorial


Hack your life with back-to-school tips

Refresh yourself (and your style) with stress management and budget fashion pointers. And don't we all need help dealing with bullies?

Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind

Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind


Back to School Clothes on a Budget

Back to School Clothes on a Budget


How to deal with bullies

How to deal with bullies


Trending this week

What scares you the most: the Beyonce-ification of Cinderella, a cappella EDM, or a slingshot for human beings?

Zedd - Clarity Acapella Cover

Zedd - Clarity Acapella Cover


Cinderonce by Todrick Hall

Cinderonce by Todrick Hall


Human Bungee Slingshot - Human Catapult!

Human Bungee Slingshot - Human Catapult!


Brand-new music

Pearl Jam brings the rawk, Ricky Martin heads back where he belongs (the dancefloor!), and Elton John waxes wonderfully nostalgic.

Mind Your Manners (Official Music Video) - Pearl Jam

Mind Your Manners (Official Music Video) - Pearl Jam


Elton John - Home Again

Elton John - Home Again


Ricky Martin - Come With Me (Official)

Ricky Martin - Come With Me (Official)


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Button Hole Maker ~WAS IT TROTSKY?


                 As narrated to us by Martin Civin of Spencer, MA

The Button Hole Maker



I am reminded of a story that my father told me many years ago. In the days

shortly before America entered World War I my father was employed as a dress

cutter in the New York garment industry. Working in the same factory with my

father was a man by the name of Lev Bronstein. Mr. Bronstein's trade was that

of a button hole maker. Making buttonholes was a highly skilled trade back

in those days because buttonholes were hand made.

 Lev Bronstein was according to my father's story, pretty much of a loner.

At lunch time when the employees of the garment factory would congregate to

enjoy lunch, and for small talk, Mr. Bronstein would sit alone and smoke a

long Russian cigarette and drink tea in a glass. To sweeten his tea he would

place a sugar cube on the inside of his lower lip and suck the tea through

the sugar cube. That was a customary way for Eastern Europeans to drink tea

back in those days.


When the United States entered World War I my father was drafted and entered

the army. I don't know if at that time Lev Bronstein was still employed in

the New York garment industry. Back in the pre-world war days the melting pot

of the lower east side of New York City was a hot bed of Socialism. The

Russian immigrant Lev Bronstein first tried to publish a Socialist newspaper,

but either he was told by the authorities to stop, or he did it on his own.


Mr. Bronstein had to earn a living so he went to work in a dress factory.

In 1917, the troops of the Russian tsar's army started to desert the lines.

The Bolshevik revolution began. The leaders of the revolution were Valdimir

Lenin, Joseph Stalin and yes, the leader and founder of the Red Army, the

button hole maker, Lev Bronstein, who had now taken the name of Leon










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