Sunday, February 3, 2013

Milo Ventimiglia picks his favorite movies on Crackle

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February 3, 2013

Celebrity Watchlist: Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Watchlist

Milo Ventimiglia has great taste. Case in point: the star of Crackle's new, hit original series Chosen has hand-picked his favorite movies for our latest Celebrity Watchlist, and from Bottle Rocket  to Snatch, Milo's eclectic tastes range from tried-and-true classics to avant-garde independents.

Martial arts superstar Jackie Chan showcases slapstick kung-fu in Drunken Master. Director Robert Rodriguez reinvents stylized chaos in his first feature, El Mariachi. Taimak and Vanity star in the cult action film The Last Dragon — produced by Motown's Berry Gordy. And an all-star cast of veteran comedians rounds out Steven Spielberg's World War II comedy, 1941.

Check out all of the movies on Milo's personally curated list, and don't forget to catch more of Milo as Ian Mitchell in Chosen and as Wolverine/Logan in Marvel Anime: Wolverine.

ChosenWatch Now

A Crackle Original update to the paranoid thriller, fueled by Milo Ventimiglia's searing performance. 
Not Rated

Drunken  MasterWatch Now

A Jackie Chan classic that made the Drunken Fist style famous.
Rated PG-13

El  MariachiWatch Now

A hyper-violent, shoestring budgeted Sundance winner that reinvented the crime genre and helped indie films go legit.
Rated  R

The Last DragonWatch Now

A martial-arts '80s pop musical that has transcended guilty pleasure status to become a camp classic.
Rated PG-13 

1941Watch Now

Spielberg's totally misunderstood WWII disaster spoof features an amazing cast and one of the funniest dance scenes ever.
Rated PG 

SnatchWatch Now

Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Benicio del Toro and Dennis Farina lead a bad-ass ensemble through a flashy and brutal Cockney-fueled caper comedy.
Rated R

Bottle RocketWatch Now

Wes Anderson's directorial debut sparked the '90s Indie film movement and the careers of Owen and Luke Wilson.
Rated R

District 9Watch Now

A daringly original and darkly visionary cinema verité sci-fi thriller full of brains, brawn and prawns.
Rated R



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